Congregational Care at NLPC

Congregational Care

Building and enriching fellowship as members of God's family.

This ministry is to inform families with Alzheimer issues. They meet two times a month providing information, support and assistance for caregivers, their families and friends dealing with Alzheimer’s. Second support group is offered monthly and is designed to provide information and support to people who are diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Family Organization oversees all training and educational programs. The group meets two times a month with 13-14 members attending each meeting.

BUDDY MINISTRY – Marilyn Waites 245-6638
This ministry originated from Operation Homebound Ministry, finding that after meals were delivered the people were very lonely. Volunteers are needed in this ministry who have time to visit people in need of personal conversation. With 26 volunteers all are now active with buddies. More Buddies are always welcome.

Please see Memorial Service Ministry below.

On Communion Sunday Ordained Elders and Deacons visit with those unable to attend service to share in Communion. This ministry is always looking for volunteers as this need is growing. Anyone wishing to have communion bought to them or to serve please contact Dee.

GRIEF AND BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT - Pastor Lynn Miller 750-8484
This group meets to support each other and share the love of our Lord.  They also are now doing social activities.

HEALING TEAM – Pat Schoch 750-4066
The Healing Ministry offers personal prayer after every Sunday service and anointing every Wednesday morning in the library during the Prayer Vigil. Healing Services are planned for March, June and October of each year. They can have anywhere from 30-50 people attending the Healing Service which runs about 1 hour.

MEMORIAL SERVICE MINISTRY – Muriel Bergman, Char Zientara, Lynn Miller - 753-8484
Set tables, prepare food,  and greet guest at Memorial Services at NLPC. 

Thirty to forty minute in-home mini concerts presented by Stu and Owen Dolan for shut-ins, etc. performing songs like Moon River, Shall We Dance, I Love Paris, and Climb Every Mountain.

PARISH NURSES - Beverly Hilfferich 352-259-2699
This group is comprised of nurses, professional volunteers and anyone interested in health care issues. The ministry holds a clinic for flu vaccines, blood bank drives and CPR training and provides assistance in medical emergencies during church services. Our nurses do B.P. screenings the 3rd Sunday of each month in the church office after each service.

PARKINSON’S SUPPORT - Is not active at this time.

PASTORAL HOSPITAL VISITATION – Please contact the Church Office. 753-8484
Our Pastor’s make regular visits to local hospital, The Villages, Leesburg and local care facilities. You can help us by letting us know of a loved one or friend in need of a visit.

PRAYER CHAIN – Marguerite Sharp - 750-3717
To request prayers for yourself or others. This team is in the back of the Sanctuary after each service for prayer.

REC– Residents Encounter Christ - Ron & Charlotte Hornback
TREC is a jail ministry in the Sumter County Jail and the Orange County Department of Corrections. It is a three day ministry that happens two times a year in each county jail. If you are interested in this ministry, you need to attend or have attended a similar weekend, which includes Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, or Great Banquet.

STEPHEN MINISTRY – Pastor Dave Stull -753-8484
Providing high-quality, confidential, Christ centered care and support to people experiencing grief, divorce, cancer, job lost, loneliness, disability, relocation and other life difficulties. Our Stephen Ministers each have 50 hours of training before becoming a Stephen Minister. The team has 11 Stephen Ministers and 5 trained Stephen Leaders. Stephen Minister training for new Ministers is once a year, continuing education for active Ministers is once a month.

MEMORIAL SERVICE MINISTRY – Muriel Bergman, Char Zientara, Lynn Miller - 753-8484
Set tables, prepare food,  and greet guest at Memorial Services at NLPC. 

MUSIC FOR THE SOUL – Owen and Stu Dolan - 233-9506
Stu and Owen Dolan are offering in-home mini concerts. Each concert lasts 30-40 minutes and often offers nostalgic memories. This ministry has been very successful with Operation Homebound and is now open to all our shut-in members. Songs like Moon River, Shall We Dance, I Love Paris and Climb Every Mountain will make life more enjoyable for some happy listeners. 

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY - Frank Elliott - 347-7266
If you are in need of transportation to a medical appointment, whether it be a doctor’s office visit or for a test we have volunteers ready to assist.

God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Lynn J. Miller Congregational Care Elder