Dear North Lake:

The Body Builders Team (BBT) has worked the past six months, assessing our NLPC present and thinking strategically about the future. The BBT was asked to envision how we can increase our capacity and impact for Jesus Christ. The full report has been submitted to Session and is available online or in hard copy by request. But one item we want to communicate immediately and directly.

The BBT has recommended, and Session has approved, an attempt to purchase a nearby piece of property that would have both short-term and long-term potential. In the short-term the property could:

  • become a new location for the growing Little Blessings Christian Pre-School;
  • free up an additional 44 spaces in our current parking lot;
  • provide overflow parking for high attendance Sundays and events.

In the long-run the property has tremendous potential for a NLPC picnic grove and recreational facilities. It could become a campus that features our ministries with children and youth and attracts other young families. The development possibilities for that new space are tremendous and could help to reshape the next twenty years for NLPC, just as we have been blessed by the initiatives of 1998.

When the BBT began meeting, a property acquisition was the furthest consideration from our minds. As we continued our research and reflection, we learned of this available property. We believe that the Lord inserted this into our process. At the very least this option merits our congregational discernment so that a decade from now NLPC is not still voicing regrets about missed opportunities.

We know at least two other parties have shown interest in the land, so we are proceeding with a degree of urgency. We are researching the critical steps for that property to become part of the NLPC future. This involves zoning, impact fees, appraisal, presbytery approval, etc. Of course, this vision will not be possible without your approval and support as a congregation. If we submit a sales agreement for the property, it will be contingent upon congregational approval.  

This letter surely raises more questions than it answers. As soon as possible, we want to identify the property and invite you to take a look at it. In fact, we hope to schedule an open house (or “open lot”) for those who would like to see it for themselves. Through July we will schedule meetings designed to explain the vision, the costs, the logistics, and answer as many questions as we can. Hopefully hundreds of you will take advantage of these meetings when they are announced.

If the way is clear, that is, if everything else is in order and makes sense for NLPC, we will have a special congregational meeting on Tuesday, August 7. We already need that meeting to elect two replacement officers to fill vacancies. The August meeting would be the opportunity for a formal congregational vote on the land purchase and any related matters.

We set this possibility in front of all of you for your prayers. May the Lord guide and encourage us as we contemplate the future, building up the Body of Christ that we know as NLPC.

In His love,
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey A. Hosmer
For the BBT and Session

Read the Final Report of BBT here.