Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

UPDATE 2/12/20

The Presbytery has sent the APNC more that 25 applications (PIFs) and the committee is in the process of reviewing the PIFs.

UPDATE 1/26/20

Click here to see the Ministry Information Form (MIF).

UPDATE 12/18/19:
At the December 17th Session meeting, the Session approved the Ministry Information Form (MIF) the APNC prepared.  The MIF will now be forwarded to the Committee on Ministry for review and approval at their January meeting. 

Click here to read the Mission Study Report.

Countdown to Launch:
The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) reached liftoff on September 17th when it held its initial meeting. The members of the APNC are: Becky Bros, Bill Johnston, Judy Kiley, Sue Kirkpatrick, John Lazo, Tom Miller, Nancy Re, Bob Taylor, and Linda Williams. The Rev. Dan Williams, the Executive Presbyter and Stated Clerk of our Presbytery was in attendance, as was the Rev. Bill Kramp, our Committee on Ministry Liaison. Pastor Jeff was also in attendance. The Committee elected Bill Johnston as its Chairperson and Nancy Re as its Clerk.
The APNC will be following a prescribed process laid out by the Presbytery as we search for our new Associate Pastor. This process involves the preparation of a Ministry Information Form (MIF) that is uploaded to the PCUSA’s Church Leadership Connection (CLC) website. There it can be viewed by Presbyterian pastors who are looking for a position. The MIF includes information on NLPC’s demographics, our vision and mission, our community outreach, the Associate Pastor position description, the leadership competencies we are seeking, salary range, and references. The MIF must then be approved by our Clerk of Session and when approved, forwarded to the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) for review and approval. When approved by the COM, the APNC will upload the MIF to the CLC where it can be viewed by pastors seeking a position. Any pastor interested in applying for our position, prepares and submits a Pastor Information Form (PIF). The PIF is reviewed by our presbytery and forwarded to the APNC if it fulfills a majority of the criteria we have outlined in our MIF. As PIFs are received by the APNC, the Committee reviews the PIF and begins the process of narrowing the list of candidates. When the APNC has compiled a small list of candidates (usually less than ten), the interview process begins. This is usually a video or phone interview. This process continues until the APNC has selected 2-3 candidates that have risen to the top of the selection criteria. The APNC will then invite that finalists for a face-to-face interview. Finally, a vote is held by the Committee and a candidate is selected to be presented to the congregation as our recommended new Associate Pastor. When approved by the congregation, the new Associate Pastor can be hired. The flowchart on page 3 depicts this.
The APNC is now meeting on a weekly basis and hopes to complete this process in a timely manner. The Committee will keep the congregation informed of our progress. We have set-up a link on the front page of the NLPC website where you can track the Committee’s progress.

At the congregational meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, the members elected the following to serve as the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) to search for a new associate pastor:

  • Becky Bros
  • Sue Kirkpatrick
  • Nancy Re
  • Bill Johnston
  • John Lazo
  • Bob Taylor
  • Judy Kiley
  • Tom Miller
  • Linda Williams

The APNC completed a Mission Study Report required by the Committee on Ministry(COM) and the report was unanimously approved.  A copy of this report is on the website.  The APNC is now preparing the Ministry Information Form (MIF) that will be submitted to Session in December and when approved submitted to the COM for approval.  Please check back regularly so the APNC can keep you informed. 

As the committee moves forward, information regarding the process will be posted on this page.