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GRIEFSHARE MINISTRYGriefShare is a network of thousands of grief support groups throughout the world.  The program materials are universally used at each institution sponsoring the program.  The 13-week program provides thought provoking concepts and ideas concerning the grieving process. 

The program works in three ways, the video portions provide background in an area.  The group discussion further amplifies the material and finally the personal workbook can provide further enhancement of the issues at hand.

The program is designed to help transition from mourning to joy.  Grieving is a process, something that can be very challenging to work through and can take years. The GriefShare program has the goal of moving from mourning what you lost to celebrating what you had.  This may be the most difficult challenge of your life. Successfully working through the grieving process requires bold steps to move forward.  GriefShare is such a bold step.  Walking into that first session can be so difficult, but after 13 weeks you will find the program very helpful. 

GriefShare will offer you the following:

  • A safe place to process your thoughts and emotions regarding your loss.

  • An environment where you can be encouraged to actively participate in the healing process.

  • A time to adjust to life without your loved one.

  • Draws you closer to God.

  • Space to free-forming your path ahead.


GOOD GRIEF - Good Grief is a follow up program to GriefShare.  The program has three events each month.  On the third Wednesday of the month, we meet at the church in the Joy room at 9 am.  Each month a topic is discussed, mostly a sharing time among graduates of the GriefShare series.  Twice each month we meet for a meal at a local restaurant.  This is a time fellowship and a good meal filling those sometimes-lonely evening hours. This occurs on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.  Each event will have an email invite sent out about a week before the event.

LOSS OF A SPOUSE - A two-hour support session through GriefShare dealing with the loss of your spouse.  

SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS - Offered yearly before Thanksgiving. Part of the GriefShare Series. 

Contact: Pastor Lynn Miller or call 352-753-8484.