PASTORAL HOSPITAL VISITATION - Contact: Pastor Lynn Miller  or call 352-753-8484.

ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT MINISTRY - We have two Alzheimer's care groups. One provides information support to people who have been diagnosed with early Alzheimer's, the other offers support and assistance for caregivers and their families. Contact Louise Shuey, 352-753-8262.

HOPE FOR HURTING PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS - You are not alone. This group provides resources for parents and grandparents hurting over destructive behaviors or choices of their teen, adult, and/or grand children. We offer comfort, encouragement and hope in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and loving environment for growth when dealing with: Strong emotions like fear, guilt, powerlessness, grief and loss, worry, anxiety, hopelessness; struggles with enabling, isolation, trust, expectations and control. Damages to: marriages/family, relationships, health, employment and finances, and spiritual well-being. Contact Tony and Betti Cuomo 201-841-8559 or 201-874-9595.

STEPHEN MINISTRY - Stephen Ministry is a confidential one-on-one caregiving ministry that offers Christian care to those in need. Contact Pastor Lynn Miller.