Little Blessings Christian Preschool

DCF License #C13LA0075

Tuition Payment

We are a Lake County Schools Readiness provider and voluntary prekindergarten provider.

License Capacity:
132 1-year thru 12-years

Operating Hours:
6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Closed on major holidays

At Little Blessings we love our work with the children and feel education of the children in a Christian environment teaches Bible values which will help them to grow up to achieve their goals and lead good Christian lives.

Little Blessings strives to provide quality childcare for working families in our community. We implement a faith-based curriculum (Wee Learn) for the toddlers through preschoolers, preparing them for successful school entry. We also offer before/after school pickup and childcare for those attending The Villages Elementary School.

School Age Summer Camp is open to any child who has completed kindergarten through grade 5. Fun, theme-based activities present learning in a play atmosphere.

Activities include the following: creative activities, children’s choir, Christmas pageant, preschool graduation, and Fall Costume Parade, to name a few.

For more information, please call Linda Brown, Director at (352)259-0700 or email

For a facility tour and program overview, feel free to visit anytime. Activities include the following:
Creative activities
Field trips
Christmas program
Preschool Graduation in the spring

Charter for the Board of Directors of the Little Blessings Christian Pre-School

North Lake Presbyterian Church

Approved by the Session – May 21, 2019 

The Board of Directors (BD) for the Little Blessings Christian Pre-School (LB) is established by the Session of North Lake Presbyterian Church (NLPC) to develop and promote the vision, objectives, and strategies for LB as one of the “Big Three” NLPC missions.

The BD will consist of six NLPC members elected by the Session, one NLPC staff member (preferably the supervisor of the LB Director) appointed by the NLPC Head of Staff, and the LB Director who serves ex officio and reports regularly to the BD. The elected members are grouped in three classes of three-year terms. Elected board members are eligible for re-election for a second term, but may not serve more than six consecutive years. Terms will start on July 1 and conclude on June 30. 

The BD will have the following officers each year:

  • President – named by the Session
  • Vice President – elected by the BD
  • Secretary – elected by the BD
  • Treasurer – elected by the BD.

Selection of the church members proposed for election by the Session will be done by the President and the NLPC staff member serving on the BD, in consultation with the Director of LB. The selection of board members will consider the areas of expertise and perspective beneficial for the BD, including: discipleship, education, financial/accounting, safety and security, facilities and grounds, and outreach and marketing. The BD may also select one or two LB parents to serve on the board with voice but no vote.

The BD determines their meeting schedule to fulfill their responsibilities. The BD is actively aware and supportive of the ongoing, week-to-week operation managed by the Director and LB staff. However, the BD focuses especially upon the bigger picture of LB. The work of the BD includes—but is not limited to—promoting the spiritual and discipleship mission of LB, evaluation of effectiveness, strategic planning, annual or intermediate and long-range goals, financial management and reporting, staffing rationale and design, facilities needs and improvements, policies and protocols, marketing and outreach, and maximizing the relationship with the NLPC congregation.

The BD is accountable to the Session and forwards recommendations that pertain to the mission of LB and/or motions with significant financial implications, including changes in the staffing model, salaries and benefits, capital improvements, etc. The BD maintains an up-to-date record of their meetings with minutes that are regularly shared with the Session. The BD also prepares an annual report to be incorporated in the NLPC annual report to the congregation.

This charter can be amended by approval of the Session. At least annually the BD and the Session will both review the charter to determine if it is sufficient and effective.