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Move the Mountain!
Our 2016 Stewardship Campaign is from Matthew 17:20 and Jesus’ teaching that connects our faith with the ability to move mountains. Watch for a campaign letter and pledge card to arrive in the mail shortly, as well as additional information in upcoming worship bulletins and congregational emails. The campaign culminates with Commitment Sunday on February 28th. Together let’s MOVE THE MOUNTAIN with the Lord!
Ash Wednesday Service
Next Wednesday, February 10th, is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. At 6 p.m. we will hold a service in the sanctuary at which Pastor Dan Baumann will preach the message. Please plan on attending.
Focus Group Facilitator
As we look to the future and future projects, Pastor Jeff is seeking someone with experience in facilitating focus groups. If you have such experience, or have project management experience, please contact Janice in the church office.
Perfect Way to Start a Fitness Program
Operation Homebound (OHB) will be participating in the CROP Walk (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) on Sunday, Feb. 21, at 1:00 p.m. in Rogers Park, Leesburg. You will have the option of participating in a 1 mile or 3 mile walk. You will have the option of participating in a 1 mile or 3 mile walk. Your friends and family can sponsor you on a per mile basis or make a donation. Twenty-five percent of that money will come back to OHB with 75% going to Church World Services. Your check or cash can be mailed or dropped off to Operation Homebound, 975 Rolling Acres Road, Lady Lake, FL 32159. Make your checks out to Operation Homebound with CROP Walk noted on the memo line.
Year-end Contribution Statements & Informational Form
By now you should have received your year-end contribution statement for 2015. Included with the statement is a form with the personal information we currently have for you and your family. Please make changes as necessary and return the form to the church as soon as possible. Thank you!
North Lake Church-Wide Retreat (Men Welcome!) Feb. 25, 2016
Theme: “Sharing His Love” Featuring Gaye Martin Location: North Lake Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall. Registration begins at 9 a.m. Event Starts at 9:45 a.m. Cost: $15/person (Includes a coffee & muffin & a catered lunch by Oakwood Smokehouse!) Reservation deadline: Monday, February 22. Forms for signing up will be available at the Welcome Center between services.
Joined the Church Triumphant
George “Toby" Runyon. Please keep Toby’s family in your prayers. A memorial service will be held Tuesday, February 9th at 11 a.m. at North Lake.
Prayer and Healing Healing Service
Sunday, February 21 at 4 p.m. in the NLPC Sanctuary. If you have any questions, contact Pat Schoch at 352-750-1911 or email pacrat55@live.com.
Spirited Singles
Let's make it a great turnout for our Monthly Gathering on February 19, 2016. Carol Remic, 352-259-3632; 717-379-7962 (cell/text); Email: freespirit4618@embarqmail.com, or Beverly Ament, 352-216-0356. It’s important that you RSVP by February 15 (Tuesday).
Life @ North Lake Discipleship Series
Visit the sign up table in the lobby this weekend for class descriptions and schedules.
401 Class Evangelism & Mission (2/11 3:30 p.m.) Discovering your opportunities to be on mission with God and NLPC. Taught by Becky Bros. To register click here.
Negotiating and Understanding the Bible (2/12 9:30-11:30 a.m.) To register click here. A pathway to the structure & study of the Bible. Taught by Betsy Tatum. To register click here
Online Giving
You can now give online at the church website. Contributions can be made with your credit card or through your checking account. You can make a one-time gift or set up recurring contributions based on a schedule that fits your personal circumstances. Visit the church website at www.northlakepc.org or click here.

















June 2015

The Pastor Nominating Committee of NLPC is proud and excited to announce that we have chosen a candidate for Senior Pastor.

His name is Pastor Jeffrey Arthur Hosmer.

Pastor Jeffrey Hosmer

Describe the ministry setting to which you believe God is calling you.

My calling at Northminster is still fruitful and fulfilling after twenty-one years.  Through many changes it feels like I am in my third pastorate with the same congregation.  I might easily remain in Cincinnati for another ten years until retirement.  However, I am also open to serve a church seeking a new leader with 35 years of experience, someone whose youthfulness, adaptability, and robust lifestyle belie his age.  I’m eager to offer my best in the decade ahead, and that might mean a brand new challenge. 
The congregation to which I would be called is:

  • Centered on Jesus Christ as the unique, sufficient embodiment of God’s love

  • Rooted in the authority and instruction of scripture

  • Engaged in prayer and other disciplines for spiritual formation

  • Ardent about sharing Good News in a world desperate for hope

  • Trying to live out Christian community in ways described in Romans 12

  • Enthused about God’s mission locally and globally.

This is the first time in over twenty years that I’ve written or activated a PIF, and it is a season in which I feel called to ponder moving from the northern hills of Cincinnati.  I’ve limited consideration to ministry settings in the Southeast because of family members in FL: my aging parents and a son and his wife expecting our first grandchild.  My wife and I are willing to leave a healthy, loving community in Cincinnati to undertake a new calling closer to the family generations that have shaped us and follow us.

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What areas of growth have you identified in yourself?

Growth occurs when we are stretched to full capacity. The athlete’s muscles grow with increased resistance. The pianist’s fingers gain dexterity with repetition at greater speeds. A parent matures as the needs of the child demand more. A leader grows when abilities and resolve are at breaking point. A Jesus-follower grows in brokenness, overextended, falling short of the holiness of God, reaching for the grace that catches us where we are.

God has grown my faith and leadership in many ways. A dismal football season began with eight losses, and then came the next season when I co-captained the team with the college’s best record in twenty-five years. The sonogram showed twins, nullifying work on a tiny nursery and stretching me to unexpected joys. The odyssey of my eighty-year-old father into total blindness beckoned me to a deeper relationship with him. The sudden loss of my younger sister jolted me with personal grief. The arrest of a choir member for child pornography, the disappointments that come with being Head of Staff, the erosion of a neighborhood once considered outstanding: these and more have strained my capacity. Growth comes in knowing our dependence on God to secure outcomes that will glorify Him. No advanced education or human engineering will suffice.  A transfer of trust takes place; I withdraw trust in my own ability and deposit trust in the Lord.  This does not mean resignation or passivity. In fact, it manifests in a more mature boldness and humility.

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Describe a time when you have led change.

Megamorphosis is how we describe the steady, long-term Northminster transition from a church with missions to a missional church, from a church supporting missions financially to a congregation engaged in hands-on participation in the kingdom-work of God. One of the prime examples is the Family Life Center (FLC). In 1995 I convened our Joel Committee to “dream dreams and see visions.” The FLC was first conceived by that team. We were in the midst of a major building campaign but looking ahead to what was next. I was in the vanguard to research and benchmark ministries with families and persons going through crises such as grief, divorce, unemployment, and caregiving. 

When a house adjoining our church suddenly became available in 1998, I departed from a prepared sermon to envision how that property across our parking lot would be an excellent space for hosting new ministries. By mid-afternoon we had a signed sales agreement! Our leadership corps probably set a Presbyterian speed record for doing things “decently and in order.” After fourteen years in operation the FLC is a high-profile, local mission, involving dozens of Northminster volunteers as facilitators and hosts, directed by one of our most effective staff members.  Each year more than a thousand clients from all over Cincinnati experience the love of God through support groups, coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops.  We continue to adapt the FLC as a distinctive part of our dynamic megamorphosis.

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Statement Of Faith:

In a prevailing culture that
flirts with spirituality but scorns religious commitment,
distrusts the lessons of tradition,
trivializes and obscures truth,
values appearance over substance,
and pursues pleasure rather than virtue,
we profess Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
While the world exhibits the love of power, Jesus embodied the power of love,
He answered the polemics and politics of his time with beatitudes, blessings and warnings.  His weaponry included an arsenal of parables, sayings, forgiveness, and healing. He challenged Money, Position, and Privilege to do their utmost for those who had none. He proclaimed the Kingdom of God, but took his place on a cross not a throne. And when it seemed that darkness ruled, the tomb was opened and love emerged, animated and unvanquished.
The risen Lord conferred his Spirit upon his followers.  The same Spirit who hovered over creation from the beginning, the eternal collaborator with the Son and the Father, became the comforter and counselor for the people of the Way. The Spirit of Truth inspired the human writing, collection, and transmission of the scriptures, and we still rely on the Spirit in our efforts to interpret and apply the Word.  Our identity in Christ is sealed in baptism and replenished at the Lord’s Table.  The Holy Spirit infuses the Church with life, setting us apart to fulfill God’s loving purpose, as we pray for and live toward His Kingdom. 
Our life with Christ is genuinely counter-cultural. Because we belong to Him, we do not masquerade as righteous or superior, instead we acknowledge our tilt toward sin and brokenness like everyone else.  The difference is that we lean on His grace, trusting his promise of forgiveness. And rather than estrangement, He cultivates authentic community.  He pronounced a blessing on those who are hungry and thirsty for right relationships with God and each other; that kind of appetite will be satisfied. In healthy, loving connections we are eager to share our selves and live generously. But the Way of Jesus takes us further, to second-mile manners, to welcome the stranger, to turn love inside-out for antagonists who make our path more difficult or painful, even to overcome evil with good.
Overcoming evil with good: that was His way and truth and life. He persists today through us.

God is good … all the time. All the time … God is good. What a brazen, indispensable axiom. In spite of shrill headlines—eruptions of violence and mayhem, viral epidemics, furious storms, scams and scandals, torched church buildings, missing and downed airliners, leaders out-of-bounds or out-of-touch, children used as pawns or soldiers or worse, injustice taunting its victims, moral indifference, and spiritual dementia—our Creator is still devising good and enlisting us to co-author the good with Him. So our living with Christ is not naïve or bleak or meager, but a brilliant, unending Hallelujah!

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More About Jeff and Bobbi
Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA and his Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1981. He was ordained the same year. Jeff currently is in the final stages of completing his Doctor of Ministry degree.

Jeff has been a pastor for 34 years and he comes to us from Northminister Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati OH where he served as Senior Pastor for the past 21 years. This church, like ours, has 3 services; two traditional and one contemporary.

Jeff and his wife, Bobbi, have been married for 34 years and have 3 adult children. Son David, and his wife Kelly, live in Orlando and recently presented Jeff and Bobbi with their first grandchild, Cassidy Grace. Daughter Rachel, married last summer to Jeff Dollard, lives in Winchester, VA, and her twin brother, Jordan, lives in San Francisco, CA.

Bobbi has been active in their church as a Stephen Minister, a Deacon, hand bell ringer, in children/youth ministries and on many local mission teams. She will be leaving her business, Sweet Home Cincinnati, in the capable hands of her friend and business partner. Jeff's parents have lived in the Leesburg area for 27 years. Currently they reside at Lake Port Square and attend church at Lake Square Presbyterian Church. Jeff and Bobbi have made a difficult decision to leave a much loved congregation in Cincinnati to be closer to family.

The PNC saw God at work as Jeff submitted his desire to seek a new church at about the same moment we began to seek a new Senior Pastor! Jeff possesses 7 of the skills, or competencies, that were important to the PNC and the NLPC congregation, as indicated by the survey; Preaching, Spiritual Maturity, Organizational Agility, Strategy and Vision, Collaboration, Interpersonal Engagement and Motivator. From the very beginning, the PNC was impressed with Jeff's strong faith in God, his amazing preaching skills and his vision for the future of NLPC. We know that you will find Jeff and Bobbi to be spirit filled, compassionate and loving servants to the Lord.

The PNC thanks you for your support and prayers throughout the process. We recommend that you approve the call to Jeff Hosmer as Senior Pastor.

Blessings from the Pastor Nominating Committee:
Bob Hazlett, Sue Kirkpatrick, Rose Gorman, Judy Etheridge, Lyn Jensen,
Bill Johnston, Ron Kennedy and Bob Null; Berry Long, Presbytery COM liaison.

IN JEFF’S OWN WORDS: The Congregation to which I would be called is:

  • ·  Centered on Jesus Christ as the unique, sufficient embodiment of God’s love

  • ·  Rooted in the authority and instruction of scripture

  • ·  Engaged in prayer and other disciplines for spiritual formation

  • ·  Ardent about sharing Good News in a world desperate for hope

  • ·  Trying to live out Christian community in ways described in Romans 12

  • ·  Enthused about God’s mission locally and globally.

    .......My wife and I are willing to leave a healthy, loving community in Cincinnati to undertake a new calling closer to the family generations that have shaped us

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March   2015
PNC   Committee   Update

  1. After approval, the MIF was posted for prospective applicants on the PCUSA Church Leadership Connection website in order to receive Personal Information Forms (“PIF”) from potential Head of Staff Pastor candidates

    • PIFs “matched” by the Executive Presbyter
    • Pastor submitted self-referral PIFs
  2. The PNC reviewed and discussed all submitted PIFs
  3. After prayerful consideration, the PNC contacted approximately 10 pastors to obtain additional information

  4. Based on the additional information, the PNC had Skype interviews with 6 pastoral candidates 

  5. The PNC and the Executive Presbyter have made background checks and reference calls on the top pastoral candidates

In April the PNC will meet in person with the top pastor candidates.

The PNC continues to ask for your prayers as the committee continues to listen as God leads the PNC to the person He has called for North Lake.

January / February   2015
PNC   Committee   Update

  1. The Session approved Ministry Information Form (MIF) was submitted to the Committee on Ministry (“COM”) acting on behalf of Central Florida Presbytery and was approved at the January 8, 2015 meeting of the COM
  2. After approval, the MIF was posted for prospective applicants on the PCUSA Church Leadership Connection website in order to receive Personal Information Forms (“PIF”) from potential Head of Staff Pastor candidates
  3. As of the end of January, the PNC has received approximately 40 PIFs from one of the following sources: 
    • PIFs “matched” by the Executive Presbyter
    • Pastor submitted PIFs via the COM system
    • Pastor submitted PIFs/resumes via our confidential email
  4. The PNC began to review the received PIF's and is seeking to garner information on the candidates that most meet our requirements.

In February the PNC will:

  1. continue to review submitted PIFs;
  2. begin initial inquiries to pastors regarding PIFs, where appropriate;
  3. consider whether to publicize the position through other appropriate methods to identify and reach additional potential candidates.

The PNC resumed weekly meetings and continues to ask for your prayers as the committee continues to listen as God leads the PNC to the person He has called for North Lake.

November  /  December   2014
PNC   Committee   Update

  1. The PNC developed and released a survey; 374 members responded to the survey, with the majority responding on-line. There were more than 300 additional comments provided by members to the survey. The results of the survey and the additional comments were incorporated in the Ministry Information Form (“MIF”) and will be considered during the entire process by the PNC
  2. The PNC held two Open Forum meetings (informational meetings) for the members and a total of approximately 90 - 100 members attended. A verbal status was provided by Chairperson, Bob Hazlett; questions were then asked by the attendees and answered by the PNC and Berry Long, the Central Florida Presbytery Committee on Ministry liaison, at the December 9 Open Forum.
  3. The PNC completed the Ministry Information Form and submitted the MIF to the Session for Approval. The Session approved the MIF on December 16, 2014.
  4. The Session approved MIF will be submitted to the Committee on Ministry (“COM”) acting on behalf of Central Florida Presbytery for approval at the January scheduled meeting of the Committee on Ministry.

The primary goals for January/February 2015:

  1. Upon the approval of the MIF, publish the MIF for prospective applicants on the PCUSA Church Leadership Connection website in order to receive Personal Information Forms (“PIF”) from potential Head of Staff Pastor candidates;
  2. Publicize the position through all other appropriate methods to identify and reach potential candidates;
  3. Network for recommendations from North Lake members and other referrals,
  4. Begin to review Pastor Information Forms (“PIF”) as they are submitted.

After a short break for Christmas and the New Year week, the PNC plans to meet weekly, or as needed, starting in January once the MIF is approved by the Central Florida Presbytery.

The PNC wishes to thank the members for their submission of the survey with comments, for their support and prayers. The committee hopes you had a special Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the committee asks for your continued prayers.

September  /  October   2014
PNC   Committee   Update

As we move forward, we want to keep you informed about our process and our progress. Our goal is to provide a monthly update on the North Lake web site and the monthly newsletter and/or church bulletin.

On October 8, 2014, the PNC had their first meeting with the Presbytery Liaison, Berry Long, and the Executive Presbyter, Rev Dr. Daniel Williams. The members of the committee elected the following officers: Dr. Bob Hazlett, Chairperson, Sue Kirkpatrick, Vice Chairperson, and Rose Gorman, Corresponding Secretary. The PNC met two additional times in October and the discussions centered around qualifications desired for a new Senior Pastor and the development of a survey to be sent to the membership for their input. The committee is meeting weekly at the present.

The primary goals for November are:

  1. develop a survey in order to gather information from the congregation;
  2. plan two informational meetings for the congregation for early December;
  3. work on the Ministry Information Form (the "MIF" is used to describe the church and minstry to the potential Sr. Pastor candidates, and
  4. continue to work with the Presbytery.

The PNC plans to meet weekly and the committee asks for your continuing prayers.


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Senior Pastor Jeffrey Hosmer North Lake Presbyterian Church The Villages FL
Senior Pastor
Jeffrey Hosmer

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To Grow the Community of Christ Followers


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Be Christ Followers who share Christ’s love with the community through our words and actions


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